By Adam Fletcher and Ullstein Buchverlage

After two Spiegel best-selling books exploring the quirks of German culture, I find I've become somewhat of a pundit for German life. Unsure about my position, and with severe doubts about my expertise, I decided to take on a series of integration challenges. Unfortunately, the vast majority go horribly wrong. Readers will learn:

  • What happens when someone of no musical talent creates a Schlager song.

  • Why you shouldn't accept a ride from a Mitfahrgelegenheitvan containing a mattress and a cat with one eye.

  • What watching seventy hours of German TV in a week does to your health (and faith in humanity).

  • How to really annoy a Beamte.

  • Why it's not a good idea to Nordic Walk through Ballermann 6, Mallorca.

  • Why you shouldn't attend a Schützenfest if you can neither drink nor march.

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Tell Me More!

Make Me German is a 400 page, half English, half German book. Perfect for both language learning Ausländers and international Germans. Lovingly written, with a lot of humour, and avoiding the usual national clichés, I recount my adventures of trying to become German. On the way, I reaffirm why this country and its inhabitants have such a special place in my heart.  

Just some of the highlights from the book:

It's Adam vs Mitfahgelegenheit, The Deutsche Bahn, Schützenfest, Schlager, German TV, Mallorca, Nordic Walking, The German Alltag and German Bureaucracy. Unfortunately, I rarely win.
Well, it's not in the book, as such, just part of the Schlager chapter. But I did (with help) create my own Schlager song. You can hear it here
Every chapter ends with shorter, list style content in the style of How to be German. Enjoy - "The seven commandments of German Television" and "How to be German on holiday".
Yes, that's right. My German GF Annett's family's "super secret but also frustratingly vague" Kartoffelsalat recipe is included in the book. Why? Good question...
Helping you navigate the minefield of hostility that is German Customer Service. A guide presented from both the customer and the employee's perspective.
A book version of the hit The German Quiz, featuring twelve new questions. Are you typisch Deutsch or do you dance to your own unique cultural tune? Now you can find out.
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Sample chapters from Make Me German

Want to read some sample content? No problem. Here you can read selected excerpts from four of the book's chapters. 


Why everyone should try being an expat

You see, expats get to experience a unique phenomenon, called The Foreigner Bonus Vision. This is like a magic pair of glasses, which we wear each day of our foreign existence. Through its special lenses, we get to peer out at a more interesting, colourful and exotic world. A foreign world...



Two men. One song. No ear worm.

"So, what's our song going to be about?" I asked.

"Well, you're the guy who writes nice things about Germany, right?"


“Germans are desperate for that moment when they can sing patriotically about Germany again. For a big sing-along Deutsch-land, Deutsch-land. But they’re not allowed to do it.”

"As a foreigner, I'm allowed to..."


Nordic Walking

Ballermann 6 + Nordic Walking = Self-conciousness

“Adam, be more like a bird,” came the instruction that momentarily distracted me from my own total and all consuming self-consciousness.

“Float along, poles more behind you, like this. Pump up your feet with each step. Do you see? Step. Pump. Step. Pump. Flügel. Flügel. Glide.”

I tried. Really I tried. But rhythm is not something with which I am blessed. Unlike self-consciousness, which I have in spades and really wished I hadn't at this moment.



Fitting in while standing out

“To recap,” I said. “You enter a shooting contest. If you win, your prize is the chance to spend thirty thousand euro buying people beer and schnapps for an entire year?”

“Yep. It’s tradition. Traditions rarely make sense.”

“If that’s the star prize, I’d hate to think what they do to the people who come second or third. Presumably they just take them off somewhere and shoot them?”

“Yeah, or maybe they are forced to take part in the flag waving contest. So, anyway, are you in?"

"You had me at shooting contest..."


My other Books

Make Me German is the third book in the Germany series. All three are Spiegel best-sellers. 


A love letter to German culture/p>

Released July 2013 by C.H.Beck


More than 85k copies sold

Fully illustrated



A love letter to the German language

Spiegel Best-seller

Fully illustrated

Released July 2014 by Ullstein Verlag



About The Author

Adam Fletcher

Adam Fletcher is a 31 year old bald Englishman.

After several years in his adopted nation, Germany, he'd consider himself almost German, were it not for continued inability to separate his Akkusativ from his Dativ and his plastic recycling from his paper.

When not writing books and articles about his adopted nation, he mostly spends his days eating chocolate, and napping. In fact, no matter what time of day you're reading this, there is a 87.4% chance that he is napping. Shhhh!

He is also the author of the Spiegel bestselling books, How to be German and Denglisch for Better Knowers (with Paul Hawkins).

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